Christian Sign Starts Community Debate over Zoning Laws and the Right of Religious Expression

June 8, 2003

Source: Pitsburg Post-Gazzette

On June 8, 2003 the Pitsburg Post-Gazzette reported that Bedford, PA community leaders are taking action against a blinking neon sign proclaiming "Jesus is Lord." The borough leaders "charge that the sign violates zoning code, have threatened its owner with fines and jail, and are going to court to bring it down. The sign owner [Bob Foor]... counters that Bedford government is trampling free speech and has a high-profile religious liberties group considering whether to take up the fight... The Christian Law Association, a Seminole, Fla., group, says it helps 'Christians who are experiencing legal difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion or prohibition.' Mark Johnson, a lawyer with the group, said the association could decide this week whether to take up Foor's case."