Christian, Muslim and Jewish Leaders Teach Tolerance to High Schoolers

December 16, 2005

Source: Courier-Post

On December 16, 2005 the Courier-Post reported, "A priest, a Muslim, a pastor and a rabbi walk into a high school auditorium. But this isn't the start of a joke. The Rev. James Maggart, a pastor at the Assumption parish in Atco, Muslim American Community Association Managing Director Zia Rahman, Rabbi Richard Levine of Adath Emanu-el in Cherry Hill and Andrew Cannan of Cathedral of the Woods in Medford went to Seneca High School Thursday for a more serious subject -- religious tolerance... During the event -- called Co-Exist: Living in Peace with Another Despite Differences -- students asked the experts about many issues, including war and the faith role of women... Sean Kennevan, who planned the event, said he wanted to foster cultural understanding while reinforcing the high school's world cultures curriculum."