Christian Mother, Muslim Daughter Create Another Kind of Interfaith Family

June 3, 2005

Source: Houston Chronicle

On June 3, 2005 the Houston Chronicle reported, "the history of disagreement between mothers and daughters can be chronicled in volumes covering topics such as nose rings, career choices and the proper method for potty training a toddler. For Patricia and Alana Raybon, their central disagreement is about nothing less than eternal salvation... Alana Raybon, a 24-year-old elementary school teacher in the Houston area, said her relationship with her mother is guided by an Islamic understanding that how she treats people also displays her faith in God. Salvation is a question only God can answer, she said... For families of faith, a member's migration from the religious fold sometimes causes irreparable tension, even dissolution. For the Raybons, a commitment to remain close has meant that a Christian mother has learned to buy scarfs for a Muslim daughter who covers her head in deference to beliefs her mother does not share. And a daughter has learned to recognize acts of kindness from her mother."