Christian and Muslim Leaders Appeal to Hostage-Takers for Mercy

September 23, 2004

Source: The Scotsman/PA News

On September 23, 2004 PA News reported, "Christian and Muslim leaders in Liverpool made a joint appeal today to Kenneth Bigley’s captors to show mercy. Bishop of Liverpool the Right Reverend James Jones and Muslim cleric Akbar Ali made the appeal at Saint Mary’s Church in Walton, a short distance from the home of Mr Bigley’s elderly mother. On behalf of both faiths, Mr Ali said: 'In the name of God the merciful one, we as Muslim and Christian leaders in Liverpool appeal to you as believers to have mercy and compassion on Ken Bigley'... The bishop said: 'While Mr Bigley remains alive, there is hope. That is why we are appealing for his captors to show compassion and we are appealing for people to be prayerful for both Ken Bigley and for his captors, that they show compassion.' Both men supported the British Government in its refusal to negotiate with terrorists."