Chinmaya Mission Thrives at Converted Warehouse in Tustin

June 18, 2005

Source: Los Angeles Times,1,4637245.story?coll=la-news-religion

On June 18, 2005 the Los Angeles Times reported, "leaders of the Chinmaya Mission last week inaugurated a new center in Tustin to spread the light of one of the world's oldest spiritual philosophies, known as Vedanta. The center, at 655 South B St., reflects the robust Southern California growth of the mission, an international Hindu organization based in India. Since the mission started in private homes with 10 people in 1982, it has grown to more than 1,500 members in Orange and Los Angeles counties. They have purchased two buildings and rent space for half a dozen other centers in Rancho Palos Verdes, San Gabriel, Simi Valley, Diamond Bar and elsewhere. The Tustin center, a two-story former warehouse converted into a sanctuary and study, was purchased and refurbished for $1.3 million... Many of Chinmaya's members are immigrants from India and their children who say they also come to learn about their cultural traditions."