Chinese Buddhist Ritual Marks Death of Cockle Pickers

February 18, 2004

Source: Morecambe Today

On February 18, 2004 Morecambe Today reported, "Chinese people and people from Morecambe, Lancaster and surrounding areas gathered to pay their last respects to the Chinese cockle pickers who died in Morecambe Bay last week. Visitor news editor Ingrid Kent gives a personal view of the ceremony and speaks to some of the participants: 'The bright orange and gold robes of three female Buddhist priests stood out like beacons against the grey waters of Morecambe Bay as they conducted a ceremony for the dead on Thursday. A chilling sea mist hung in the air as slowly a large crowd began to form outside Morecambe's Lifeboat Station on the promenade. The priests were accompanied by members of the Chinese community in Manchester and other areas. They were there to ask the Buddha to accept the souls of the people who died into heaven."