At Chicago School, Islamic Club Attracts More Non-Muslims Than Muslims

March 3, 2004

Source: The Chicago Tribune,1,6198292.story?coll=chi-printmetro-hed

On March 3, 2004 The Chicago Tribune reported, "At one meeting of Evanston Township High School's new Islamic club, non-Muslim students tried on head scarves. At another, they passed around prayer beads used to praise Allah. With Islam facing increasing scrutiny, a group of students is taking unusual steps to find out as much as they can about the fast-growing religion, often turning to their classmates for answers... The school's Islam Awareness Group is considered remarkable in the Chicago area for having more non-Muslim than Muslim participants. Instead of being a gathering place for students of the same religious background, the Evanston club has an ecumenical membership that focuses on dispelling myths about Islam and learning its cultural customs. Chicago-area Muslim leaders praised the Evanston group and said they hope the idea spreads to other schools."