Chaplain Yee's Arrest Causes Concern Among Chinese Americans

September 26, 2003

Source: NCM

On September 26, 2003 NCM reported that "many Chinese Americans are feeling dread in the wake of the arrest of Capt. James Yee, a Muslim chaplain stationed at Fort Lewis Army Base, Wash. The case brings back memories of the prosecution -- some would say persecution -- of Dr. Wen Ho Lee.

Lee, the Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist, was arrested by the FBI in 1999 on espionage charges and found not guilty after months in solitary confinement. President Clinton later apologized to him, though Dr. Lee's career as a scientist was already ruined.

Yee's arrest is as troubling as Dr. Lee's, says Ling Chi Wang, a professor of East Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. Though not prepared to pass judgment on the case, Wang says that 'based on what has been leaked to the media, I smell a rat.' The public knows next to nothing about the Yee case other than what the FBI and the military have revealed to the press, he says, much of which 'we can safely regard as propaganda and half-truths'... The effect of the arrests of Dr. Lee and other Chinese scientists due to racial profiling, [said Cecilia Chan, head of Justice for New Americans, an immigrant-rights groups in San Francisco], "is that now, few Asians want to join government institutions. How many Chinese will want to go to West Point if they see what's happening to Capt. Yee?"