Change Your Mind Day

June 5, 1999

Source: New York Daily News

On June 5, 1999, the Daily News published an article describing this year's Change Your Mind Day. It is a five-hour festival of music, poetry, contemplative exercises, and introduction to meditation that is to be held in Central Park. Scheduled to perform or speak are composer Philip Glass, poet Anne Waldman, author Sharon Salzberg, and Nicholas Vreeland, a Buddhist monk who runs the Tibet Center in midtown Manhattan. Rande Brown, who organized the New York event, stated: "Teachers will demonstrate techniques of meditation and explain some of the philosophy behind them. At times, we will meditate for as long as 10 minutes. But it is something, seeing thousands of people sitting in silence. The same when everybody chants. It's special." Last year, approximately 3000 people showed up for the New York event.