Challenging the Notion of an Evangelical Christian America

May 14, 2003

Source: Orlando Sentinel

On May 14, 2003 the Orlando Sentinel reported that "a Unitarian minister Tuesday challenged the notion that America is an evangelical Christian nation, calling on local religious leaders to revive a group to promote tolerance and civility... 'We are not basically an evangelical Christian country,' said the Rev. John Higgins, president of the Florida chapter of The Interfaith Alliance. Higgins was among five speakers at the University of Central Florida urging faith leaders to re-establish a local chapter of the alliance. The national organization was established 10 years ago to counter the growing political influenceof such conservative religious groups as the Christian Coalition and the Moral Majority... Speakers included state and national leaders of the association. Among the participants were representatives of Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish faiths."