Ceuta Hindus to Celebrate Ganesh Visarjan

September 12, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Hindu Press International/www.elfaroceutamelilla.com


CEUTA, SPAIN, September 12, 2007: (HPI note: Ceuta is located on the southern coast of the Strait of Gilbraltar.) The Hindus love celebrations. To the festival of Sri Krishna Janmasthami, which took place four days ago, add the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi (Ganesha's birthday), which will be carried out next Saturday.

Juan Carlos Ramchandani, the local Hindu priest, says, "In India they make clay images of Ganesh, which can get up to heights of ten meters. After the worship and adoration of the images they are submerged in the sea, river or lake, during a ritual called Visharjan. On this day offerings of sweet rice, laddus (sweets made from chick-pea flour) and coconuts are made. In the city of Mumbai (the new name for Bombay) this is the biggest and most colorful festival of the year."

Every year in Ceuta about fifty of members of the Hindu community do a walking procession, accompanying a figure of Ganesh, through the main streets of the city. The celebration ends with the submersion of His image into the Mediterranean sea.