Ceremonial Slaughter for Eid ul-Adha to Benefit Chicago's Hungry of All Faiths

January 21, 2005

Source: Chicago Tribune


On January 21, 2005 Chicago Tribune reported, "As millions of Muslim pilgrims complete the final rituals of hajj Friday in Saudi Arabia, Sulejman Dzananovic will enter a Minnesota slaughterhouse, raise a newly sharpened blade and perform 66 ceremonial sacrifices to God... Proclaiming 'In the name of Allah!' before each fatal cut, the third-generation halal butcher will slash the throats of cows that will eventually generate one of the largest single donations of fresh meat to feed Chicago's poor. Dzananovic's profession puts him in a privileged position during Eid-ul-Adha, the three-day 'Festival of Sacrifice' when Muslims traditionally slay animals in honor of Prophet Abraham's willingness to offer his son Ishmael to God... This year local Muslims are taking the rite of sacrifice one step further. Through a campaign called 'Sacrifice This Eid For Our Neighbors,' Chicago-area families contributed more than $64,000 to buy cows to be killed by Dzananovic. Processed as 4-pound packages of frozen ground beef, the entire yield from the slaughter will go to feed Chicago's hungry, regardless of their faith."