Ceremonial Dagger 'Part Of the Body' Say Devout Sikhs

February 8, 2010

Author: Caroline McClatchey

Source: BBC News


Britain's first Asian judge has said Sikhs should be allowed to wear their ceremonial daggers - known as Kirpans - to school and other public venues.

It follows a number of high-profile cases where Sikhs have been asked to remove the item, required by their faith, in the workplace or in the classroom.

But what exactly is a Kirpan and just how many Sikhs wear one?

Dabinderjit Singh has been wearing his Kirpan almost non-stop for 23 years.

The 44-year-old wears it in the shower (tied to his head), in bed, in the car, at his desk and on the train. The only time he takes it off is when he boards a plane.