Celebration of Zoroastrian Culture to be Held in Kolkata

January 22, 2004

Source: The Times of India


On January 22, 2004 The Times of India reported, "For showcasing the richness, age-old tradition and immense contribution of the Parsi community towards the development of the country, is the Unesco Parzor (Parsi Zoroastrian) exhibition to be held in [Kolkata]. Organised by the Delhi-based Parzor and Calcutta Zoroastrian Community’s Religious and Charity Fund, the two-day programme will begin on January 24. 'The celebrations include an exhibition of heirloom textiles, artefacts, documents and film screenings, which will give an insight into the Zoroastrian heritage and culture,' said Sam N. Medora, CEO of the Fund. It is the brainchild of Unesco, which declared the year 2003-04 as the 3000th anniversary of Zoroastrian culture. Titled ‘Pictures with a Purpose’, the exhibition, to be held at the Olpadvala Hall, will provide a rare insight into one of the oldest religions and cultures of the world, as declared by Unesco."