Cats Escape Cycle Of Suffering On the Buddhist Path In NLV

February 24, 2010

Author: Richard Lake

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

On a dusty corner in North Las Vegas, there is a Buddhist temple. On that temple's property, there are cats. Many, many cats. Dozens of cats, in fact, have been known to congregate there.

These are fe ral cats, meaning they live wherever they darn well please. Apparently, the Buddhist property in the sparsely populated residential neighborhood at Gowan Road and Simmons Street suits them.

The Buddhists, being people to whom all life is sacred, care for the cats. They feed them, give them water, offer a gentle rub behind the ear when it seems a good idea.

After all, the Buddhists believe in reincarnation, which means they never know who that cat might once have been or might some day become.

All of which has caught the attention of the police. It is illegal in North Las Vegas to let pets run astray. It also is illegal to own more than three cats. Because the Buddhists care for the cats, which live on the temple grounds, the Buddhists could be in trouble.

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