Catholics Called to Respond to Global Warming, Australian Bishops State

December 6, 2006

Source: Catholic Online

SYDNEY, Australia – The right to a safe ecological environment is a universal right and Catholics are called to respond with resolute action to the reality of global warming, said the Catholic bishops of Australia.

The Catholic bishops joined with religious leaders from 15 other Australian faith communities to demand stronger individual, governmental and private sector efforts to slow global climate change.

In what is seen as an unprecedented show of support for environmental protection, the faith communities – including Christian churches, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Bahais, Hindus and Aboriginal Australians – issued statements that were compiled by the not-for-profit Climate Institute and released here Dec. 5 as a report, “Common Belief: Australia's Faith Communities on Climate Change.”

Together, the religious groups represent more than 12.5 million or more than 70 percent of all Australians, meaning the strongly worded statements may impact politicians from all parties. Catholicism is Australia’s largest religion, representing almost 28 percent of the nation’s population.

“The Earth is our common home,” the Catholic bishops said. “Religion knows the natural world has value in itself. It belongs to God and is only on loan to human, who are called to care for it.”