Catholics and Muslims Share Homeless Ministry in Austin, TX

August 28, 2003

Source: News 8 (Austin)

On August 28, 2003 News 8 (Austin) reported on a group of Catholics and Muslims united in an effort to feed the hungry in Austin, TX. "Catholic and Muslim leaders are worked together to hand out the food. Together they fed about 75 people Wednesday night. They were helping Dore and an organization called Mobile Loaves and Fishes. The group serves those in need almost everyday. The truck ended up downtown, where a line of hungry people waited for a meal. Several Muslim Imams along with Catholic Bishop Gregory Aymond served the food...Despite the religious differences, the religious leaders came together for one cause. 'If we love God, we must care about people, and we must share what we have with those that have less and those that are most in need. And, so, we've come together with that unified desire,' Aymond said."