Catholic University In Philippines Holds Inter-Faith Week

September 24, 2009

Author: Maurice Malanes

Source: Ecumenical News International

A northern Philippines Roman Catholic university has again set aside a week to teach all of its students about other faiths. 

Religion studies professor Reynaldo Dumpayan said the project aims to provide, "building blocks for world peace and understanding". 

"Many hostilities and conflicts in our country and elsewhere have religious underpinnings but each of the various faiths can come together and lay out the building blocks for world peace and understanding through dialogue," Dumpayan, the head of the religion department of Saint Louis University in Baguio City, told Ecumenical News International. 

Since 2006, the university has held an annual event to promote interfaith dialogue. 

This year from 21 to 25 September, the university's more than 26 000 students are asking questions about various faiths, and holding discussions with members of religious groups invited to share their beliefs and philosophies.