Catholic Strategist for Bush Campaign Resigns As Controversal Allegations Resurface

August 19, 2004

Source: Beliefnet

On August 19, 2004 Beliefnet reported that, "[Deal]Hudson is the most important point man in the Administration’s effort to court Catholic voters. A confidante of White House political director Karl Rove since 1998, he is part of an exclusive weekly Republican National Committee strategy meeting about outreach to Catholics... And that success is critical, because most political observers believe the winner of the Catholic vote this year will win the election, which is a dead heat according to various national polls. Only about 5 percent of voters nationwide are now undecided, according to Zogby International. Ordinarily, about 20 percent of voters are undecided in the summer before a presidential election. And most critically, a large number of those undecideds are Catholics living in the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, according to religion and politics expert John Green."