Catholic Bishops of Malaysia Express Concerns Over Shari'ah

September 22, 2006


On September 22, 2006 reported, "The bishops of Malaysia have voiced concern about the increased islamisation of Malaysian society... Despite the efforts of the current premier Badawi, which are oriented towards inter-faith dialogue, a good 13 states in the country have approved Shari'ah, the Islamic law, practically reducing minorities to the status of dhimmi - non-Muslim religious groups protected by Islam - discriminating against them in employment and freedom of worship. A few weeks ago, the Catholic bishops of Malaysia published a document in the weekly Catholic Herald (14 August 2005), entitled: 'The legal implications of conversions to Islam'. The pastors sought to put believers on their guard against apostasy, against possible conversions to Islam as means to an end without fully realizing the consequences of this action. More and more, young Catholic men and women are falling in love with Muslims and in order to get married, they... become Muslims. Others become Muslim for the economic advantages this will bring. The bishops warn believers of the gravity of such a choice, which has radical outcomes not only on the level of faith, but also on their legal and civil status. New converts would be subject to Shari'ah, making it difficult for them to go back on their decision."