Carlsbad Forum on Immigration Draws Protestors

August 12, 2005

Source: / Union-Tribune

On August 12, 2005 the Union-Tribune reported, "Police from several jurisdictions, most wearing riot gear, formed a barrier to keep the peace between those attending a forum on illegal immigration and protesters who ranged from Latino activists to Muslim students. While more than 100 protesters jeered, the public forum featuring Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., and other vocal opponents of illegal immigration expounded on how health care, homeland security, education, the economy and the environment are affected by undocumented immigrants... Inside, the forum crowd was of one mind: opposition to illegal immigration. Tancredo said the issue is not about about racism but about protecting the country for American children of all creeds. Tancredo received a standing ovation when he said, 'All I ask is that once you get here, you disconnect from the old, connect with the new and become American.' All 406 seats in the auditorium were filled, and a few people were standing... Tancredo attracted a group of protesters last night from the Muslim community in response to his recent comments on a Florida talk-radio show... The majority of protesters, however, came from the Latino community. Some called for more open borders, others for humane treatment of all immigrants."