Capitol Hill Hosts Ramadan Meal

November 12, 2003

Source: United States Congress

On November 12, 2003 the United States Congress issued the text of the ecumenical prayer written and presented by Afeefa Syeed at the first Congressionally hosted Ramadan Iftar. "I begin with the name of God; the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. The God who is the source of Peace, of Kindness, of Sustenance and is the One we turn to in times of anxiety and despair. Oh Lord, we have come together to break our fast today. We have been without food or drink. We ask you now to help us during this blessed month to see beyond ourselves. Let us know peace, salaam, and guide us to now know how to act with peace... Help our leaders, Dear God, to be tolerant, kind, understanding, truthful, and reverent so we may as a nation be tolerant, kind, understanding, truthful, and reverent."