Candidate for the House of Delegates Faces Anti-Muslim Bigotry

August 16, 2006

Source: 9News Now

On August 16, 2006 9News Now reported, "The foiled terror plot is affecting us on a social level, much like the attacks on 9/11, and fear can lead to bigotry in the form of racial profiling against Muslims. Case in point: a Montgomery County man running for office who happens to be Muslim. He says he has become a target, not for his stance on the issues, but because of his religion. On Saturday, a man sat next to his sign that read, 'Islam sucks.' It was written and displayed in bold print in front of Saqib Ali's Gaithersburg home and campaign headquarters. Ali is running for the Maryland House of Delegates. 'I felt like he was intimidating and trying to menace me and my family, similar to when people burned crosses in someone's front yard. I think it was the exact same message.' The man carrying that sign and wearing a t-shirt that read 'this mind is an Allah-free zone' has been identified as Timothy Truitt of Montgomery Village... Truitt wasn't charged with a crime, but he was given a warning that if he goes back to Ali's house within the year, he will be charged with trespassing. 'Although this was not a criminal act, this was an act that was un-American and racist at its core and it's something we as an American society definitely have to remedy,' [said Arsalan Iftikhar, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations]."