A Canadian's Eid in NYC

November 20, 2004

Source: Muslim WakeUp!


On November 20, 2004 Muslim WakeUp! ran a feature article by Raheel Raza, a Toronto-based media consultant, writer, public speaker, and interfaith advocate, about her experience celebrating Eid in New York City: "Eid – a word that means joy – it’s the ‘feast after the fast’, a major celebration for Muslims after fasting in the month of Ramadan. Deciding to spend Eid in New York this past weekend, turned out to be a ‘joyous’ decision on my part, and while tradition has it that Eid last for three days, I celebrated in a variety of ways for the whole week. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I went to NYC ostensibly to attend the launch of the Progressive Muslims Union of North America and I got there two days early. My hosts in Manhattan are part of a group that had decided that through science and technology, Ramadan and Eid can be predicted in advance so that Muslims can begin and end together. The decision was for a Sunday Eid and they invited me to join them at the Eid prayer and celebration."