Canadian Journalist Hits Out at Sikh Extremism

July 1, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Times of India

TORONTO: The continuing failure of Canadian politicians to take Sikh extremism seriously has contributed to a resurgence in the militant movement, says an award-winning Canadian journalist.

The extremists have been further encouraged by the failure to gain convictions in the 1985 Air India bombing, Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun said at the first conference on 'immigration, border controls and terrorism' organised by the Fraser Institute.

"Within two weeks of the acquittal of the Air India suspects, Khalistan slogans were again being chanted. The extremists were emboldened," a Fraser Institute press release quoted Bolan, who has written extensively on Sikh extremism and the Air India bombing, as saying at the conference.

The Fraser Institute is an independent research and educational organisation based in Canada. Its mission is to measure, study and communicate the impact of competitive markets and government intervention on the welfare of individuals.

Addressing the audience, Bolan detailed how many Sikh temples are again displaying banners supporting the creation of Khalistan and pictures of members of the International Sikh Youth Federation and Babbar Khalsa, two groups the Canadian government has labelled as terrorist organisations.

"Yet politicians from all parties continue to regularly visit these temples," she said, adding that politicians need to do more due diligence before meeting with people or groups who claim to represent any immigrant community.