Camp Gian 2009

August 18, 2009

Author: Sharanjeet Kaur

Source: SikhNet News

During the week of August 9th, approximately 150 Sikh youth from the ages of 5 months – 22 years gathered at Gurdwara Vermont to attend the 11th annual Camp Gian. Camp Gian is an overnight Sikh camp dedicated to promoting the Sikh way of life and strengthening Sikh morals and teachings while emphasizing leadership within one’s sangat.

With Camp Gian’s commencement on Sunday, August 9th, the campers learned that they would be exploring vital Sikh historical events during the years of 1708 – 1751. The children explored this theme further by learning about the lives of significant figures in Sikh history, such as Banda Singh Bahadur, Bhai Mani Singh, Nawab Kapur Singh, and many others. This year’s theme shabad was “So Satgur piaaraa mere naal hai” and this year’s song was “I will remember you”.

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