Cambodian New Year Celebrated in Tacoma Dome

April 11, 2004

Source: The News Tribune

On April 11, 2004 The News Tribune reported, "The cavernous Tacoma Dome opened its doors Saturday to something delicate, personal and down to earth: A celebration of the Cambodian New Year. 'This is a very important day for the Cambodian people,' said Kimsay Tok, 44, who lives in Tacoma and is sales director for the Cambodian Television Network. 'Everybody takes the day off to see each other. It's a special day. Everybody can meet.' Tok was among at least 500 people who traveled from all over Washington and Oregon to join the morning and afternoon festivities, which included prayers, speeches, traditional games, classical dances, and talent and fashion shows. Hundreds more were expected to arrive for events planned later in the evening that would feature comedy shows and star singers from Cambodia and Laos. Last year, the first time the Cambodian New Year was celebrated at the Tacoma Dome, the event attracted 3,500 people. Saturday's event was sponsored by the nonprofit United Khmer Community Association of Seattle."