Californian Muslims Organize International Fair

March 14, 2003

Source: The Sacramento Bee

On March 14, 2003 The Sacramento Bee reported that "This Saturday, the many worlds of Islam will be on display at Masjid Annur Islamic Center [in CA]. American Muslims of Pakistani, Egyptian, Saudi, Jordanian, Palestinian, Malaysian, Libyan and Moroccan descent, among others, will re-create an international bazaar with an array of unique clothes, artwork, videos and foods... There also will be food for thought: Two Muslim scholars will give brief lectures on Islam at noon and 3 p.m... 'Please come with an open mind, and realize that Muslims are like the rest of Americans,' said organizer Tamer Ahmed... 'We basically want to live a peaceful life, raise our kids and co-exist with our American neighbors. We're inviting people to learn the basics of a great religion that is basically a continuation of the messages of Abraham, Moses and Jesus.'"