Calgary Sikhs Raise Money for Children's Hospital

May 12, 2005

Source: Calgary Herald

On May 12, 2005 the Calgary Herald reported, "The idea was spawned less than a year ago from within Calgary's tightly-knit Sikh community. Members of that community had wondered how they could honour Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji -- the founder of the Sikh faith. The love of God and the love of his fellow man were at the very core -- the heart and soul -- of the guru's message. So less than a year ago the Sikh community decided there was no better way to spread that message of love than to embark on an ambitious fundraising initiative for the new Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary. That initiative was announced at the annual Sikh parade last year in late May. And during last year's Vaisakhi -- the Sikh community's celebration of the birth of its nation -- organizers said they wanted to raise $1 million over the next three years for a vision clinic at the new health-care facility. On May 28, the community will receive an update this year on how much money has been raised so far in that campaign -- $850,000. It's a phenomenal achievement; a sign of prosperity and generosity in Calgary's Sikh community; and a sign of its love for the community at large."