CAIR Chicago Holds Press Conference on Patriot Act Provisions

August 17, 2005

Source: CAIR-Chicago

On August 17, 2005 the Council on American-Islamic Relations reported, "On Tuesday 8/16, the Chicago chapter of the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago), in conjunction with the Civil Liberties Coalition of Illinois (CLCI) and Representative Danny K. Davis held a press conference to discuss the new threat to civil liberties due to the recent passage of the Patriot Act's sunset provisions in the U.S. House of Representatives... The following CAIR-Chicago statement was read by Yaser Tabbara: '... The secretive nature of the application of Sections 213, 215 and others [of the Patriot Act] makes it conducive to profiling the most 'suspect' minority in today’s America: Muslims and Arabs. The need for judicial and congressional oversight is absolutely necessary in order to quell the fears of this affected minority and in order to not further alienate a community that is crucial in the fight against terror that often is committed in its name... We call on the Congressional representatives of the citizens of the state of Illinois to engage their Muslim constituents and communicate their constituents’ opinions to the Congressional Conference Committee.'"