CAIR Calls for Religious Leaders to Repudiate Baptist Marquee

January 22, 2003

Source: The Florida Times Union

On January 22, 2003 The Florida Times Union reported that "an umbrella group representing 3,500 Florida churches led a chorus of denunciations yesterday aimed at a Jacksonville church sign saying Islam's founder approved of murder... The executive director of the Florida Council of Churches, whose congregations have an estimated 1.5 million members, said he quickly received dozens of e-mails from Muslims as far away as the United Kingdom thanking him for repudiating an 'outrageous and hateful' message posted at the First Conservative Baptist Church in Mandarin... 'As a Christian, I am disappointed at this unchristian effort to disparage Islam,' the Rev. Tom Borland, the Interfaith Council's president, said in a written statement. Saying 'Jesus never attacked other faiths,' Borland said it was better to 'converse with other religions in a spirit of humility, respect and openness."