Butchers Close Shop Voluntarily for Jain Holy Week

August 3, 2005

Source: The Indian Express


On August 3, 2005 The Indian Express reported, "They have won the legal battle to keep meat shops open during the eight-day Jain holy period of Paryushan, but for the sake of communal harmony, butchers in the city have decided to down shutters during that period... The Qureshi Jamaat, an organisation of traditional butchers and slaughterers, has appealed to meat shop owners to respect Jain sentiments and keep their shops closed... Muslim leaders say the 2002 violence has made them realise that much ill-will and misunderstanding is created when people of one religion do not respect the beliefs of others. 'The gap is tremendous. We have to bridge it with trust, respect and love,' says Rizwan Ahmed, who heads an informal committee of meat shop owners. 'This is why we have asked all meat dealers to stop business for the eight days when Jains fast and meditate for self-purification'... Some 200 meat shops in Ahmedabad will remain closed even if it means losses. Most butchers and meat shop owners are poor or belong to the middle class."