Bush Tries to Garner Support From Black Voters in Austin While Introducing His "Faith-Based" Initiatives

December 21, 2000

Source: The Washington Post

On December 21, 2000, The Washington Post reported that President-elect George Bush met with religious leaders in Austin yesterday to talk about his "faith-based" initiative. The event was also an attempt to gather support from black voters, only 9 percent of whom voted for Bush. The group included a rabbi, academics and representatives of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Islamic Center of America. The largest representation was from African Americans. Civil rights leaders and representatives from black churches spoke about their feelings of exclusion. "Bush's 'faith-based' effort, long one of his favorite initiatives, would seek to ease regulations that prevent religious organizations from participating in federal programs. He would also expand the federal charitable deduction and promote a charity tax credit for contributions to groups that work with the poor."