Bush to Discuss Promotion of Moderate Islam With King of Jordan

September 21, 2005

Source: Voice of America


On September 21, 2005 Voice of America reported, "President Bush is to meet Thursday with Jordan's King Abdullah to discuss developments in the Middle East and the king's initiative to promote moderate Islam and denounce terrorism. King Abdullah II of Jordan speaks on the importance of religious tolerance and mutual respect among the followers of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism Sept. 15, 2005 in New York Jordan's King Abdullah has become a major force in confronting radical Islam in an effort to prevent what he calls a clash of civilizations between Western and Muslim nations. At the beginning of his current visit to the United States, King Abdullah spoke at the Catholic University of America where he said terrorists do not speak for the Islamic faith... A White House statement announcing King Abdullah's visit says President Bush is looking forward to discussing the king's initiative promoting moderate Islam, the progress of reform in Jordan, as well as other bilateral and regional issues."