Bush Campaign Continues to Gain Strength from the Religious Right

June 24, 2004

Source: Chicago Tribune


On June 24, 2004 Chicago Tribune reported, "The smiling face of President Bush is on prominent display in Rev. David Johnston's office at King of Kings Church, superimposed on a thank-you letter for a $2,000 campaign contribution. Rev. David Johnston's 120-member evangelical congregation [King of Kings], backs the president wholeheartedly on social issues most important to his church. There is even a red-white-and-blue church Web site, saveamericanow.us, that King of Kings launched in part to campaign against gay marriage... Nonetheless, [Johnston] is part of a formidable, and growing, political machine... Across the Bible Belt, and notably here in the electoral swing state of Florida, patriotism, social conservatism and religious fervor have come together to give Bush a solid pillar for his re-election campaign in 2004--a power base that was born in the days of President Ronald Reagan."