Bus Route from San Francisco Extended to Fremont Sikh Temple

August 11, 2006

Source: The Argus


On August 11, 2006 The Argus reported, "AC Transit's bustling No. 97 line, which heads from the Bay Fair BART station down Hesperian Boulevard through Hayward to the Union City BART station, will be expanded so that it picks up every 15 minutes instead of every 20 minutes, officials said this week. The line also will be extended to the Sikh temple in Fremont. Divito said Union City passengers buoy the route, making up about 40 percent of ridership. 'Union Landing has generated a lot of traffic,' said Tony Divito, a district transportation planner. 'There's a lot of entry-level jobs over there. People like that direct service from their homes to their jobs.' That was some of the news delivered to area leaders Tuesday afternoon in their first regional gathering on transit issues in more than three years."