Burmese Find Peace Through Meditation

March 6, 2007

Author: Anita Wadhwani

Source: The Tennessean


For Win Myint, faith means constant meditation, a Buddhist practice that has helped control the tremors of Parkinson's disease and bring him in harmony with the world around him.

Myint - a longtime Nashville resident who immigrated from the former Southeast Asian nation of Burma (renamed Myanmar) - is hoping to bring that practice of mindful meditation to others with the opening of the Buddhist Meditation Center in south Nashville.

The center was established last month to teach meditation to anyone interested, not just the small but growing number of Burmese Buddhists in the Bible Belt, Myint said.

"Meditation has helped me greatly," Myint, 75, said. "I'm able to control my tremors, so I don't shake. And I'd like to help other people in need."

A Burmese monk lives at the 2,000-square foot temple on Lyle Lane, near Interstate 440 in south Nashville, and presides over Saturday evening meditation trainings, where 40 to 50 people come to learn the Buddhist practice of inner concentration and mind control.

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