Buddhists Celebrate Vesak

May 24, 2005

Source: The International News


On May 24, 2005 The International News reported, "The Buddhist community celebrated ‘Vesak,’ festival of the full moon, known as the ‘Asian Festival of Lights,’ at the Buddhist Cultural Centre in Islamabad. The celebration was attended by the president of the All Pakistan Buddhist Association, Raja Tridev Roy; the high commissioners of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh; the ambassadors of Burma and Nepal; the DHC, Indian high commission; Chairman, Universal Interfaith Peace Mission, Allama Abdulfateh Chisti and a couple of priests from the Christian faith besides a number of other personalities and some members of the Buddhist Community, including children. The centre had been decorated with colourful lights and bunting in keeping with the celebration, which commemorates the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of Lord Buddha."