Buddhists Celebrate Obon Festival

July 9, 2004

Source: The Dispatch


On July 9, 2004 The Dispatch reported, "The public is invited on July 10 and 11 to the Obon Festival held on the grounds of the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin at 640 North 5th St., between Jackson and Taylor, four blocks east of the Japantown/Ayer light rail station. It will begin at noon both days with food booths selling traditional Japanese delicacies as well as other food. Later in the afternoon there will be game booths, bingo, and entertainment featuring Kimono-clad dancers, the music of the Chidori Japanese band and famous Taiko drum performers. The church grounds include a traditional Japanese Garden with a waterfall, bridge and pond filled with koi. A sign in the garden explains the symbolism of its various features and how it exemplifies Japanese culture. The nearby bookstore will be open both days. The temple itself will be open to the public for lectures on Buddhism."