Buddhists Ask Tribal Leaders to Perform Ritual to Help Fight Crime

August 11, 2004

Source: News24


On August 11, 2004 News24 reported, "The Buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit called on the help of sangomas last week in an attempt to curb crime in the area. Peter Just, spokesperson for the temple, said crime escalated in the area over the past few months. Because the perpetrators were probably from the local tribal communities, the temple thought that a tribal solution was called for. That is why they asked four sangomas to perform a cleansing ceremony at the temple. They hoped that this would have more impact that a simple Buddhist cleansing ceremony. The ceremony hit a snag early on when the sangomas wanted to slaughter a goat and this offended Buddhist principles. After negotiations, they decided that the energy around the temple was pure and strong enough to make the slaughter unnecessary. The ceremony was performed on Thursday and included drumming, calling up the ancestors, sprinkling holy water and burning traditional herbs. Just said the ceremony was more than an attempt to ward off evil spirits. It was also an exchange of spirituality. The Buddhists showed that they accepted tribal faith systems and also demonstrated the concept of tolerance."