Buddhist Temple a Sanctuary for Animals

April 15, 2005

Source: PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly


On April 15, 2005 PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly reported, "There's a Buddhist monastery in a remote part of Thailand which has become a haven for various species of wounded animals, including tigers -- tigers that are in their cages only part of the time. This sanctuary reflects the Buddhist concern with the environment and with reincarnation...The Bible tells of a time when the lamb will lie down with the lion. But here in rural Thailand, it's the deer, the wild boar, the peacock, the water buffalo, along with many other species, living in peace with the tiger. The man who made this improbable harmony possible is not a believer in biblical prophecy. Phra Acharn Chan is a Buddhist monk who never dreamed he would be a guardian to so many of God's creatures. His unlikely twist of fate began 27 years ago when a doctor told him he had a very short time to live."