Buddhist Schools a Success, Education Official Says

July 25, 2005

Source: Bangkok Post


On July 25, 2005 the Bangkok Post reported, "Chai Nat could become the first province where all state schools subscribe to the principles of Buddhism in teaching their students following the success of a pilot project there.

Of the 203 primary and secondary level public schools in the province, 80 have turned from being general to being Buddhism schools since the launch of the trial a year ago.

Wasant Naniew, head of the education zone in the central province, expressed satisfaction with the trial, which he said gave students better discipline and encouraged them to use their time wisely, both inside and outside the classroom... Given that 99% of students in the province are Buddhists, he was optimistic about the plan. Students in other religions would not be required to join Buddhist activities, despite studying in a Buddhism school, he said."