Buddhist Peace Fellowship Makes a Statement on Middle East Conflict

July 19, 2006

Source: Buddhist Peace Fellowship


On July 19, 2006 the Buddhist Peace Fellowship issued a statement that read, "During the past week, the world has been witness to a frightening drama unfolding in the Middle East, as Israel and Hezbollah are locked in an escalating conflict that neither party seems willing or able to diminish, and at the same time Israel’s operation in Gaza is creating a humanitarian catastrophe. Each time such a situation comes to pass, we at the Buddhist Peace Fellowship are reminded of the Buddha’s injunction that 'hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceases by love.' These words are easy enough to say for those of us outside the conflict zone... Still, it is up to all of us in the global community to speak clearly for sanity amidst this insane march toward destruction, and to hold up the truth that violence only perpetuates more violence. And we must take actions to support this belief and to support our sisters and brothers in Israel, Lebanon, Gaza, and the entire Middle East."