Buddhist Organization Lends a Hand In Haitian Relief Effort

February 16, 2010

Author: Daniel Tedford

Source: Contra Costa Times


While in Haiti on a charitable mission, Debra Boudreaux remembers meeting a man who came to pray near a medical clinic.

The man had lost his 4-year-old child in the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake and hadn't been to pray since. On the day he came to pray, he was overwhelmed with tears, Boudreaux said.

"The spirit of care, their religious belief, is such a strong power," Boudreaux said. "When they pray, they have tears in their eyes. Everybody cries. It is the best way to do emotional relief."

Boudreaux is the deputy chief executive of the San Dimas-based Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, which has coordinated a multinational relief effort for Haiti.

The group held a news conference Tuesday to talk about their efforts and the remaining needs in Haiti.