Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Dechen Speaks in Oregon

March 30, 2003

Source: Statesman Journal


On March 30, 2003 Statesman Journal reported that "forty people sought solace Saturday at Loucks Lecture Hall where they gathered to listen to Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Dechen. That’s twice as many who turned out two weeks ago � before the Iraq war started � to hear Dechen speak... Dechen, who lives at the Mahasiddha Buddhist Center in Portland, didn’t speak specifically about the war, but it was clear that war was on many people’s minds. 'Peace,' one voice rang out, when Dechen asked the audience what makes them happy... Pat Hobson, of Salem, who attended the talk Saturday, always has been interested in Buddhism. But the war has made his desire to learn more poignant... 'But the war did solidify the idea that it’s important to stay open to different ways of doing things,' she said. 'Especially in times like these, we need to explore other ways of accepting others. We need to be less brittle.'”