Buddhist Monks Creating a Peaceful Place in Westford

November 6, 2006


Source: The Buddhist Channel


WESTFORD, Mass. (USA) -- When the Venerable Ajahn Mangkone Dhammadharo occasionally goes out on the town, the first thing a stranger may notice about the Buddhist monk is his appearance.

Dhammadharo, abbot for the Wat Buddha Bhavana of Massachusetts, typically wears a long robe and sandals. He sports a smoothly shaved head.

If you take the time to converse with him, though, your lasting impression most likely will be of his unusually relaxed and friendly demeanor.

The monks are using an existing ranch-style home on the 2.25-acre property they bought as a residence -- they eventually hope to give it a bit of an Asian redesign -- and have converted the free-standing garage for use as a temple. They also hope eventually to convert a horse barn on the property for use as a meditation hall.