Buddhist Monk Converts Framingham Home into a Meditation Center

May 18, 2007

Author: Richard Price

Source: The Metro West Daily News


It's the shiny new vinyl kitchen floor that first strikes a visitor to the New England Buddhist Meditation Center. That floor - and the guest bathroom that also recently had a similar makeover - is the handiwork of Venerable Bhante Dhammajothi, a "Mr. Fix-it" in rust-colored robes.

Dhammajothi installed the floor and redid the bathroom shortly after moving into the nondescript 140-year-old house on Johnson Street.

He is also known to repair the Ford Contour before a trip to New York, where the main center for all Sri Lankan monks on the East Coast are located.

There is no sign on the front lawn or hints of what is inside, which is a primary residence for Dhammajothi, and a weekly meditation session spot for a small circle of practicing Buddhists in the area. It also appears to be the only place of its kind in Framingham, and perhaps in all of MetroWest.