Buddhist Government Outlaws All Other Religions and Missionaries

January 28, 2004

Source: Zenit


On January 28, 2004 Zenit reported, "In the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Christians are forbidden to celebrate or pray in public and priests are denied visas to enter, says a bishop in neighboring India. Bishop Stephen Lepcha, whose Diocese of Darjeeling includes the kingdom, explained that Buddhism is the official religion of Bhutan, and every other form of religion and mission is prohibited. Until a few years ago, Christians who had emigrated there from India and Nepal were free to celebrate Mass in public. But since the start of the millennium the kingdom has outlawed public, non-Buddhist religious services and imprisoned those who violate the law, the bishop told AsiaNews. 'Indian priests are denied entry visas,' though other citizens from the subcontinent can get visas, said Bishop Lepcha."