Buddhist Fest Lets Nashville in on the Secret of Inner Peace

September 1, 2007


Source: The Buddhist Channel/The Tennessean


Nashville, Tennessee (USA) -- This month, you are invited to change your mind. No, not from liberal to conservative, or CNN to Fox, or red to blue, or original to extra crispy, or one hue of anger to another. (In the culture wars, people don't change their minds; they just change channels.)

Instead, on Change Your Mind Day (a growing national Buddhist event, Sept. 15), Nashvillians are invited to become ambassadors of world peace by first experiencing it in their own heads.

The annual Nashville Buddhist Festival offers the public a free sample of meditative exercises that the religion has been patiently sharing with civilization for 2,500 years.

"The practice of meditation is not just people sitting around with aspirations of peace but experiences of peace itself," says Paul Felton, one of the festival organizers.