Bruce Feiler Believes Media Missing Interfaith Awareness

March 20, 2003

Source: Newsday

On March 20, 2003 Newsday reported that "Bruce Feiler is an unlikely evangelist. Not five minutes into a conversation, the best-selling writer of Walking the Bible, and Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths pronounces that the media have missed the most important religion story of our time... And no, he does not mean the much-hyped clash of civilizations between Islam and the West... Feiler is referring to a story unfolding quietly and off the radar screen from Peoria [IL] to Patchogue [NY]: people of different faiths - Jews, Muslims and Christians - getting together to talk about their beliefs and their differences. No matter if many of these conversations have been stilted or superficial to start; Feiler believes they constitute nothing less than a religious revolution-in-the-making, the birth of a true interfaith awareness."